How to properly configure pjSIP?

I’m trying to configure pjsip. For that i disable in modules.conf then i configured transport, aor and endpoint according to

And finally i create simple dialplan

exten => _X.,1,Noop(Testing)
same => n,Answer
same => n,Playback(tt-wesels)
same => n,Hangup

But it is not working for me. I could register my endpoint but when i’m trying to make call i hanging on sip 100 trying. What is wrong with this?

You haven’t provided what configuration you are actually using and console logging (including with pjsip set logger on) enabled. You should also ensure at startup that there are no PJSIP warnings or errors output.

How can I check it ?

Look at it while loading, or check the log file (/var/log/asterisk/messages or /var/log/asterisk/full depending on configuration).

this is how my /var/log/asterisk/messages looks like:

[Feb 28 02:10:07] Asterisk 13.14.1~dfsg-2+deb9u3 built by pbuilder @ pungenday on a x86_64 running Linux on 2017-12-29 14:35:39 UTC
[Feb 28 02:10:07] NOTICE[3995] cdr.c: CDR simple logging enabled.
[Feb 28 02:10:07] NOTICE[3995] loader.c: 314 modules will be loaded.
[Feb 28 02:10:07] NOTICE[3995] res_odbc.c: res_odbc loaded.
[Feb 28 02:10:08] WARNING[3995] res_phoneprov.c: Unable to find a valid server address or name.
[Feb 28 02:10:09] ERROR[3995] ari/config.c: No configured users for ARI
[Feb 28 02:10:09] NOTICE[3995] pbx_lua.c: Lua PBX Switch loaded.
[Feb 28 02:10:09] NOTICE[3995] res_config_ldap.c: No directory user found, anonymous binding as default.
[Feb 28 02:10:09] ERROR[3995] res_config_ldap.c: No directory URL or host found.
[Feb 28 02:10:09] ERROR[3995] res_config_ldap.c: Cannot load LDAP RealTime driver.
[Feb 28 02:10:09] NOTICE[3995] chan_skinny.c: Configuring skinny from skinny.conf
[Feb 28 02:10:10] NOTICE[3995] confbridge/conf_config_parser.c: Adding default_menu menu to app_confbridge
[Feb 28 02:10:10] NOTICE[3995] cel_custom.c: No mappings found in cel_custom.conf. Not logging CEL to custom CSVs.
[Feb 28 02:10:10] NOTICE[3995] cel_tds.c: cel_tds has no global category, nothing to configure.
[Feb 28 02:10:10] WARNING[3995] cel_tds.c: cel_tds module had config problems; declining load
[Feb 28 02:10:10] NOTICE[3995] cdr_pgsql.c: cdr_pgsql configuration contains no global section, skipping module load.
[Feb 28 02:10:10] WARNING[3995] cel_pgsql.c: CEL pgsql config file missing global section.
[Feb 28 02:10:10] NOTICE[3995] cdr_radius.c: Cannot load radiusclient-ng configuration file /etc/radiusclient-ng/radiusclient.conf.
[Feb 28 02:10:10] NOTICE[3995] cel_radius.c: Cannot load radiusclient-ng configuration file /etc/radiusclient-ng/radiusclient.conf.
[Feb 28 02:10:10] WARNING[3995] channel.c: Already have a handler for type 'Console'
[Feb 28 02:10:10] ERROR[3995] chan_oss.c: Unable to register channel type 'OSS'

I setup totally clean Debian+Asterisk installation and now its work. I have to go deeper and figured out what is wrong with my destination config. I will be back :slight_smile: