How disable chan_sip and use res_pjsip?

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I install Asterisk 13.19.2 on Ubutnu Server 16.04 LTS but all configuration is on sip.conf file. And I make
a migration by using the script in source folder
They don’t have another way to configurate the pjsip.conf and run Asterisk on this file not sip.conf ?

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You can manually write your pjsip.conf if you wish[1]. The migration script is just that, a handy script to migrate if you have an existing sip.conf and don’t want to start from scratch. As well you’ll want to ensure that isn’t loaded by adding a “noload =>” line to modules.conf


So when I add this line in the modules.conf

noload =>

I reload the module in the Asterisk CLI too by this command :

module reload

That it ?

Noload only tells Asterisk at load time not to load chan_sip. If Asterisk is already running you can unload chan_sip using “module unload” from the console, but if it started before PJSIP then it would cause problems. It’s safer to just restart Asterisk clean.

Ok, make this command so :

/etc/init.d/asterisk restart

That it ?

I don’t know how you have installed Asterisk, so I can’t say for certain but that may work.

@jcolp I install it by following the process in the wiki Asterisk and it’s work… Thanks