Moving to Pjsip

Guys, i have few asterisk servers running on version 16.1.30 and uses chan sip. How easy is to move the configuration to pjsip and is it really needed as its been working well for few years now.

Please suggest.

Use Documentation related how configure PJSIP.
res_pjsip/Migrating-from-chan_sip-to-res_pjsip/ may help to answer your first

As to the second, it’s up to you. You don’t have to change anything about a
working system, but chan_sip is no longer developed or supported (which means
that if you run into problems, people are increasingly likely not to be able
to help, and if you find a bug, it won’t get fixed).

chan_sip also doesn’t even exist in versions of Asterisk later than 20, so
assuming you do try to keep your systems up to date, at some point your
dialplan will simply no longer be usable.


I assume you mean 16.30.1. This went end of life about five days ago.

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