CHAN SIP or chan PJSIP. How to change

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I am using asterisk 14. I am confused how to look if chan sip is loaded or chan pjsip. What other configuration files have to be looked into to know which channel is setup.

You can tell by looking in the log files, the lines will read either SIP/… or PJSIP/…

In your config files (modules.conf) you can configure Asterisk to load the files for either one.
Have you configured sip.conf or pjsip.conf.
It is possible to use both at the same time, but I would not recommend doing that as at some point you might mess up where you have configured your peers.

For PJSIP to work, it must be installed independently (I am assuming you installed Asterisk 14 from source, I am not sure if PJSIP is bundled in AsterisksNOW or FreePBX).

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Yes, I have installed asterisk from source. I have configured pjsip.conf. Yes i could see all pjsip lines only being loaded.

If you want use PJSIP Configuration, you must edit the file pjsip.conf and unload of your modules.conf file. After when your finish to configurate your pjsip.conf file go to the CLI of Asterisk and typing
pjsip reload


Actually, these channel drivers can co-exist, and both can be loaded at the same time.
Have you enabled both chan_sip and chan_pjsip in ‘make menuselect’ at the installation stage?

After installation, you can use CLI commands core show channeltypes and module show like sip. The first one will show which channel drivers are registered; the latter will give you the list of actually loaded modules related to SIP.