How to configure asterisk server from website?

i’m trying to do a web based admin that can configure the asterisk server. the webpage i’ll build with php. that means i will hv to intergrate the php scripts with the asterisk source code rite? how do i start?

or another way of configuring the asterisk server…is it possible if i integrate telnet to the website first and then use telnet to communicate with the server. where can i look for information on telnet configuring asterisk server?

at the top of the Users forum is a sticky with a link to probably the most important Asterisk-related site you’ll come across …

on the wiki you’ll be able to search for “GUI” and “Manager API” … you’ll get back a list of Asterisk-based GUIs … from this you can find out how others are doing the job, and how to interface to the Asterisk API so you can control it remotely … telnet, PHP, Java etc

do u know of any place where i can find online documentations for interfacing webpage with asterisk?

You could try reading his post…


when you say Telnet I think you mean ssh, There are various java ssh clients that can be added to the server and accessed via webinterface.
As to PHP gui, There are many out there, Some such as freepbx force you to use their dialplan others dont. Heres a few to think about Freepbx, druid, scopeserve. They are listed in budget order.

Depending on what you want to do writing your own is fairly straight forward in php. My own sets up extensions, account codes, speeddials, changes the service of the system ie day or night mode and queries the SMDR records amoungst other things.