PHP and Asterisk

I got my Asterisk server running. Now I’m develping the GUI using php from scratch. Because this is a univeristy project, I’m not using AsteriskNow or freePBX. I’m not using the agi functions as well.

the scripts i write, will access the asterisk and write on the conf files. how do i connect the php scripts to the asterisk server? i should be using sockets and ports right? but how do I get the asterisk to listen on certain ports for incoming connections? the connection i’m talking about is from php.

or maybe i get php and asterisk to both work on telnet. but how do i get asterisk to work with telnet? my main problem is connection on asterisk side.

anyone has any idea? thanks!

go to the wiki at and search for AGI and AMI

it’s how the majority of people connect to Asterisk to perform php dialplan processing and managing Asterisk “remotely”.

as for writing the conf files … that’s between you and your http daemon to organise permissions. personally i prefer RealTime Static when working with Asterisk conf files and a web application.

i wondering if anyone used Asterisk Web/PHP Management Interface b4? it says that to interface it with the asterisk, a login and pasword is needed. how do i set the login id and password in the manager.conf?

[quote=“jhl84”]i wondering if anyone used Asterisk Web/PHP Management Interface b4?[/quote]don’t worry, you’re not the first person to use it !! … nager.conf or look at the manager.conf.sample in /usr/src/asterisk/configs

seriously, the wiki is your friend !

sorry, i should hv tried harder b4 i ask. i’ll post again if i hv any more prob.

thanks bacon :stuck_out_tongue:

replies on the forums can be quick, but the wiki and the (getting better all the time) documentation that ships with Asterisk should be your first port of call. just by looking through the example configs you’ll learn loads of stuff.