How to backup Asterisk

This may be more of a Linux question, but since maybe one of you have come across this issue, im sure you could help.

In a very very very busy asterisk box situation it seems impossible to perform a regular file backup of asterisk since when you try to read the astdb you get:

Even at 3am, in fact any singe point on the day, so whats the solution here? Does someone have some kind of backup script or alternate software or something.

Have you tried making a copy of file /var/lib/asterisk/astdb then back that copy up, and delete it after backup is done. Not a ideal solution to problem but it could work.

I have skipped it for now, but in the long run will probably do something like:

to get the data into a text file

Unix cp is not an atomic operation. Backing up a Berkeley type database that is active would require a file system that supports snapshots. Backing up a more sophisticated database would require the use of the underlying database’s own database backup function.

Most dialplans don’t actually involve frequent updates to astdb.