Daily Backup ON Asterisk 1.2.2

I am trying to troubleshoot daily backup on Asterisk 1.2.2 which used to work every midnight before. There was no updates done. Just noticed one day they stoped doing midnight backups.

i appreciate any usefull hints or technical advice.

Have a good Day.


Hi - We’d have to know exactly what you’re trying to back up and how in order to offer any suggestions.

Sorry for missing info. Asterisk is on Trixbox 2.2.4 and in BACKUP/RESTORE tag under freePBX is SYSTEM BACKUP. We used to use that backup for daily backup. However, now we can do only NOW backup and daily (at midnight) not working any more.



I’m not familiar with Trixbox (I use plain old Asterisk), but I’m guessing it backs up using a cron job of some sort (I could be wrong). Check the system logs and root’s email for messages about a failed cron job. Hopefully someone more familiar with TB cna shed more light.

Yes, it uses the same cron as in Asterisk. Meybe something is wrong with the rights - I am just guessing.

Anyway, Thank You.


Check the logs/emails… that will tell you the details