Asterisk Server Backup & Restore


I am almost getting ready with my new Asterisk Server. I am looking for some information on how to backup & restore asterisk server. I have RAID 5 with 3 HDD drives. Please let me know some opensource based backup utility.


the main thing to back up is /etc/asterisk/* and /etc/zaptel.conf. Also your mysql tables if you use them.

Hi IronHelix,

Is there a easy command to zip the entire folder and ftp the same? I am looking for a complete solution like Veritas. Is there anything for Linux?


the asterisk backup that A@H / TrixBox is a good file to start with. customise it with locations, then you can ftp/scp it off, or even mount a share elsewhere on the network and dump it there for tape backup later.

no need to buy software for this, shell scripting will do the majority for you.

compress /etc and e-mail it in cron
tar -zcvf hostname.tar.bz2 /etc (as root for permissions sake)
mime-construct (i don’t remember whole shwitches but You can add file attachment)

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Thanks for your reply. Can you please give me more details or redirect me to some reading material to write cron job to email the ZIP file? i wrote something like this in windows but not in linux.


Hi baconbuttie,

For some reason, i never was able to fix the incoming calls issue with Trixbox., I know that you offered some help on that, but i was not able to get that system up. I will request you again after fixing my trixbox server issue.


IronHelix wrote:

the main thing to back up is /etc/asterisk/* and /etc/zaptel.conf.
Also your mysql tables if you use them.

Also /var/lib/asterisk/sounds if you’ve made up any custom audio prompts or messages.

Also /var/spool/asterisk/voicemail if you have any received voicemails or “busy” or “unavailable” outgoing messages you want to save.

Perhaps other stuff in /var/lib/asterisk and /var/spool/asterisk, too.

I back up /etc, and any other directory tree that’s named “asterisk”. :smile:

man crontab -S5
mam mime-construct should exist (i don’t have it on my desktop pc, here You will find html manual
to send mails You will need mailer-daemon exim, postfix or something else
for backuping sounds, voicemails messages, saved calls (monitor) You can consider backuping on DVD
bzip all You need then run growisofs (dvd+rw-tools) all will be burned on DVD (all in cron job)


This is what I backup its then ftp’d to a remote server. Customer systems are also backed up the same and ftp’d to a central server.

The file is 34Meg but its all I need to rebuild the system.


Thanks to Everyone,

I like the options FTP & DVD Burning. I will try FTP Option tomorrow. Can i make this process automated with date option included to backupDATE.tar.gz? I need to learn more to use the DVD buring tools etc. Thanks ianplain & IronHelix.


tar -zcvf date +%Y-%m-%d-%H:%M.hostname.tar.bz2 /etc
will compress /etc and filename would be for example 2006-08-11-09:08.MtG.tar.bz2
install dvd+rw-tools
read man growisofs

Thanks a lot fdragowski,

This is perfectly working for me. I am reading cron jobs related stuff. soon, i hope i will get a script to export this backup file to my FTP Server.

Thanks a lot for everyone.