Backup database

I have 3 * setup in my office for different kind of purposes. I am planning to have a centralize database to backup all the 3 * local database. Anybody can give me a guide on how to do this? Thanks

This is in no way Gospel what i am about to say, it is just a suggestion.

Currently we are looking at redesigning our own Asterisk Installations since we have multiple Asterisk boxes deployed in the field, through our current setup redundancy is very very very bad due to the same scenario as what you have just described.

The Idea:

I have been looking into Asterisk Real-Time and its architecture and and have discovered that it would be the most efficient and best way to have a fail_safe_system, however we intend on using each Asterisk box as a Redundant box by doing DB replication. In saying that though, we are looking at having one central Asterisk box that hosts everything in Database , and on top of that, that box will be replicated onto its little brother who will act as a level of redundancy for it.

From our research we have discovered that this is the most efficient way of doing things, and it also reduces the amount of programing time and development time especially when it comes to deploying more boxes int he field.

However though, we are still in the infant stages of getting this done, hence my reason for posting a thread on asking people to post their case studies on their Asterisk Real-Time deployments, case studies often can invoke many great ideas and better understanding of what it actually is used for, i am just not sure if there are many people on these forums that have implemented it before.

It is just a thought anyway, take a look here into what i am speaking about



the asterisk database is stored in /var/lib/asterisk/astdb. Back up that file and you’ve got it.