How send calls from internet to my cellular

Can I do the following?

Receive a call that come from internet, thru skype for example, and using the computer’s modem, sent it to my cellular phone.

What I have to do?

Couple of issues:

  1. Skype - not supported by Asterisk. Skype is proprietary and therefore it has to be reverse engineered. As far as I am aware, no one has an interface for skype.

  2. Not going to go thru the computer modem. Not a good interface.

I would suggest setting up a server, purchasing a telephone number thru the internet, there are lots of providers, and purchasing a digium board to connect to your telephone line. That way when someone calls your phone thru the internet, it can ring the asterisk server, which can then call your cell phone number.

Or even better, buy a number thru the internet and set it up to call your regular line then call your cell phone if no answer

Skype does have the ability to ‘forward’ to a SkypeOut number and charge you a per minute rate. Or, you could use software from to interface with Asterisk.