Skype using my deskphone

Dear asterisk experts,

At my company we have an asterisk installation and each employee has a Grandstream deskphone on his/her desk.

On my PC (Linux box actually!) I have Skype that I need a lot as researcher. I would like to know if it is possible - not just to connect Skype & Asterisk - but to ring my deskphone when somebody calls over Skype. So, incoming calls are received on my local system, captured by certain Skype API understanding software, redirected to the asterisk server at my company and ending at my deskphone.

Of course, I can buy an USB phone or a headset but I would like to know if this is possible.

And the other way around. Double clicking on a Skype contact may set up a call “from” my deskphone to that Skype contact. That would be great too!

Is it possible and what do I have to do?



Hi Yes its possible, read my review at voipuser


[quote=“ianplain”]Hi Yes its possible, read my review at voipuser

Hi Ian,

Thanks for your reaction. So, if I understand that SiSky can do it, is this because they are a partner of Skype in some way, and that they have opened a Skype API to certain partners? Or is it a question of writing the proper middleware, e.g. redirecting the audio streams itself, and are there also open source tools in the spirit of Asterisk available?!

If anyone can inform me, I would be extremely grateful. :smile: Thanks!