Is Asterisk for me?


Here is what I would like to do, can Asterik do it for me?

I have a company phone number and 3 employees with skype accounts and cell phones.

I would like a system that would answer the incoming call via the assigned company phone number and then prompt the user to enter an extension (1 for Chuck, 2 for Bubba, 3 for Samantha), the call would then be routed to that persons skype account if they were logged into skype and if they weren’t logged into skype it would ring their cell phone.

If this is doable with Asterik, what would be the service or connectivity to connect the Asterik server to the phone number I have for the company? Right now that phone number rings into a answering service who charges too much.

Thank You,

Yes is posible. You need:

A analog card with 3 fxo ports and 3 Skype for asterisk channels, maybe you can use a client jabber to pass the call or a softphone like xlite so you can evite buy the SFA licenses.

And the dial plan can make the call for Skype/jabber/softphone or the cellphone