*** How does AsteriskNow relate to Asterisk ?***

I’ve been reading everything that I can find about configuring Asterisk but it all revolves around the CLI. I’ve noticed that the GUI of AsteriskNOW affects a file called users.conf instead of sip.conf when a sip phone is added. Anyone out there know how the two relate? Can AsteriskNOW be configured from the CLI using all of the techniques of regular Asterisk? I was looking for an easy install for Asterisk, but if Asterisk is a completely different animal, I may have to resort to trying the long road with regular Asterisk due to the lack of documentation for AsteriskNOW. Thanks everyone.

AsteriskNOW is just a linux distribution with asterisk already installed. The AsteriskNOW GUI can be installed on any Asterisk 1.4 install.

users.conf is supposed to be an easier way of adding new users especially if the same user can use two or more channels (SIP, IAX and/or ZAP).

You can still do any CLI work and hand editing of the conf files in AsteriskNOW.

The documentation for AsteriskNOW will get better - it is still in beta.