Sip.conf vs users.conf

Hi There,

I just installed Asterisk GUI (we need a nice GUI Interface, is the call from above. Pff… what’s wrong with command line?).

Anyhow, I notice it doesn’t seem to employ the usual files of extensions.conf and sip.conf - instead putting users in users.conf and somehow magically working out that if you dial XXXX then you go through to that user.

Which gets me thinking, it can’t that flexible in terms of a dial plan then. Can one have control over it to ring an extension for 10 seconds, on no reply ring a “department group”, on no answer, divert to original extensions voicemail?

At the same time, I really like the idea of a users.conf file.

What should I use?

Im guessing for flexibility, it’s got to be extensions.conf and sip.conf?