Configuration Confusion - GUI != Documentation


We are new to Asterisk and are currently in the process of implementing version 1.6 across two campuses. However, we have hit on some confusion in regards to which .conf files are being edited by the GUI.

For example, the documentation we have states that to create a VOIP trunk one should place the relevant entries in IAX.conf. Yet the GUI places entries in user.conf. Additionally, when we created users with the GUI, it placed entries in user.conf and not sip.conf, again contrary to the documentation.

Is this because our documentation is for version 1.4, or is the GUI simply doing things differently? It is particularly frustrating because this issue makes the correct way to proceed hard to define.

Don’t use 1.6.x with the GUI, yet. I am working on making it not suck right now.

Use 1.4 please, and it will work just fine.