Users.conf in AsteriskNOW versus sip.conf in Asterisk

I’m just a newby to Asterisk and have installed Asterisk via the AsteriskNOW method. The example installs that I have seen discuss adding sip endpoints through the sip.conf file, but I noticed that when using the web interface new users are added to the users.conf file. How do those files relate? Can users still be added manually through the sip.conf file? Thanks

Hi rmeadows,
I could not try it already, but I do believe that it is possible to add users in sip.conf, because that’s the way you do it in Asterisk. Adding users in users.conf is the way you can see them in the webinterface.
I think sip.conf users cannot be shown there.
Positive about the users.conf ist that it only contains user information and sip.conf isn’t getting confusing.

kind regards