Has this long-awaited hour really come?

Having installed Asterisk on one of the machines, I was surprised to find that chan_sip, explicitly specified in modules.conf, was not loaded at startup.
After I said “module load chan_sip.so” from the console, asterisk made a whole tirade about how outdated and unsupported it was, but it still loaded the module.

Alas, with all my great love for everything progressive and advanced, I am not yet ready to open my heart to the pleasures of BDSM and would like to use chan_sip for some time.
For those who like not to answer the question, but to immediately attack with reproaches and teachings, I will say that I have res_pjsip on my home machine. And every need to change something in him once again convinces me that I am not yet ripe for the joys of BDSM.

What do I need to do so that chan_sip continues to be loaded from modules.conf when Asterisk starts?

Grateful for your answer,

Edit modules.conf to add the line:

load = chan_sip.so

Ogogon, By default Asterisk now has “noload” chan_sip so you must edit modules.conf file to “load” and delete the noload :wink:

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Thank you very much, colleagues! I looked without glasses and didn’t see this line. That’s why I decided that the module loader was changed so that it would not automatically load chan_sip.

That’s slightly misleading as it doesn’t apply to the latest version (21) which contains no source code for chan_sip.

asterisk/configs/samples/modules.conf.sample at 21 · asterisk/asterisk · GitHub does not contain a noload for chan_sip, but rather the change comment:

mbradeen gtjosephmbradeen and gtjosephchan_sip: Remove deprecated module.

There is no longer anything available to load.

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I wasn’t aware that Asterisk 21 was the “Topic”

It’s the “now” version of Asterisk.

In terms of the subject, the hour has come for anyone using the current latest version.