How can improve (eg. make usable) my Sipura 3000 ATA?

I’m not sure if this belongs here, but this is the best place I could find… (sorry if it’s the wrong place!)

Anyways, I’ve used the old version of Asterisk (v1.3 with Trixbox, I think?) along with my Sipura 3000 and had really bad results with voice quality.

The problems only occured when talking over the PTSN line but I’m hoping to use Asterisk as an advanced answering machine (just to get started).

When I was talking over the PTSN line, the volume was really, really low so I tweaked the settings in the Sipura interface but then I had horrible echo.

I could never get it to sound good enough to pass the wife test. :frowning:

Can anybody help me out? Does anybody have any really good Sipura settings?