Sipura SPA-3000 VS Wildcard X100P

I purchased a X100P; I am having trouble with sound quality on outbound and sometimes inbound calls. Outbound every time has an echo for the duration of the call, I have tweaked gain settings and this did not fix the problem. I am thinking about purchasing a Sipura SPA-3000 instead and wanted to see what everybody on this forum had to say about the two being compared. I am using *@Home with a Cisco 7960G.



I really enjoy my Sipura 3000. As for quality of sound, so far it seems to bepend on whom I’m talking to.

One thing the 3000 supports which I’m not sure about your card is ‘pass thorough’. If you lose network connection or power loss a relay closes and the PSTN line acts as if the 3000 was not even in the loop. For me this is a big plus.

Anybody Else???

can’t say on the zap card. Is it a clone? there are a lot of problems with the many of the clone cards from what I hear, althoug a lot of people like them.

I use some spa3ks and generally they are a good solution. They have some advantages and a few disadvantages but I’m generally happy with it.