Sipura SPA-3000 and Asterisk in Australia, with Caller ID!

Hi all, new to this software and forum, have my asterisk server all up and running with a couple of Cisco 7940’s to play with as well :smile: I have also tired out the Cheap X100P card, but was thinking the Sipura SPA-3000 will better suit my needs, I was just wondering if anyone in Australia has gotten this unit (Sipura SPA-3000) to work with Telstra’s caller id service on PSTN lines ??? Also is there any config docs going around.


take a look at the wiki. I believe there is an “Asteriks At Home For Dummies” that was written by a fellow Aussie and included some info on CID. Otherwise, I know there are some specific Aussie Asterisk sites that will surely have some direct SPA3K experience. (Go to, from there is a link for a help which actually takes you to an Aussie Wiki for Asterisk - look around on that Wiki to see if it has other relevant stuff for what you are looking for…)


Thanks, will have a look.