How can I enable CEL Logging?

I noticed Channel Event Logging (CEL) stopped at some point, and trying to figure out how to enable back again. When I check MySQL database, I see CEL data set becomes empty from particular date,

MariaDB [asteriskcdrdb]> select * from cel where uniqueid='1549562458.2495';
Empty set (0.00 sec)

and I am thinking this is because CEL Logging is disabled at this moment…

[root@pbx asterisk]# asterisk -rx "cel show status"
CEL Logging: Disabled

I am wondering how to enable CEL Logging back again, any suggestion would be appreciated!


  • OS: CentOS 7.6.1810
  • FreePBX:
  • Asterisk: 13.24.1

Because your PBX is being managed by FreePBX I recommend you ask on the FreePBX Community forums at

Thanks for the comment, I have been asking the topic in FreePBX community forum but I am curious why my asterisk CEL Logging is “disabled”. FreePBX side uses the setting of asterisk.

Check your cel.conf but I caution it is managed by FreePBX and should not be modified by you directly.

That’s already been checked, for FreePBX, it is set by cel_general_addtional.conf and it is enabled.

  • cel.conf
#include cel_general_additional.conf
#include cel_general_custom.conf
#include cel_custom_post.conf
  • cell_general_additonal.conf
dateformat=%F %T

Maybe something related to modules, here is the cel related ones.

[root@pbx asterisk]# asterisk -rx "module show like cel"
Module                         Description                              Use Count  Status      Support Level         Generate an User-Defined CEL event       0          Running              core                 Asterisk Manager Interface CEL Backend   0          Running              core                    ODBC CEL backend                         0          Running              core                   PostgreSQL CEL Backend                   0          Not Running      extended          SQLite3 Custom CEL Module                0          Not Running      extended                     FreeTDS CEL Backend                      0          Not Running      extended        CELT Format Attribute Module             1          Running              core
7 modules loaded

My question here is what conditions for CEL logging to be disabled.
Is there a way to debug in Asterisk, I would appreciate if anyone who has a bit deeper knowledge about CEL Logging feature?

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Issue solved by applying cel module update.

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