Cel_odbc.conf does not record data into dabatase

I have configured cel.conf and cel_odbc.conf, reload the modules cel and cel_odbc but the logs are not save into database. What I did wrong?
I am using Asterisk 13

I have followed Asterisk Definitive Guide 3° and 4º edition, asterisk wiki, asterisk guru, voip-info.
Each one say something different, after all I think this is the most reliable configuration.
But does not work.
Someone knows what is happening ?

PS.: cel_custom.conf works normally.

The cel.conf file:


The cel_odbc.conf file:



When I reload cel:
CLI> module reload cel
Module ‘cel’ reloaded successfully.
– CEL logging enabled.

When I reload cel_odcb:
CLI> module reload cel_odbc.so
Module ‘cel_odbc.so’ reloaded successfully.
– Reloading module ‘cel_odbc.so’ (ODBC CEL backend)
== Parsing ‘/etc/asterisk/cel_odbc.conf’: Found
– Found CEL table ChannelEventLogging@asterisk.