Hotdesking ...a quick question

Hey guys,

I use both SPA942 as well as Polycom 550 for my Asterisk. Of all the hotdesking solutions. I think it would be best if somehow we could get the phones such as they ask login at the screen itelf and can configure themselves with just the 4 digit extension.

To make it more clear. Since Polycom 550 supports xhtml applications, would it be possible to just enter the extension at the login screen and the phone configures itself with that extension. We have all 4 digits extension actually a 300 DID PRI which terminates on each phone with their DID extension and even user use that same extension. So in my case phone and user are not different only the place changes.

So if a user sits on a table and just on the startup screen enters xxxx which is his did no for outside world, nothing like that. All the server and password or other registry related settings are same for every phone.

Can somebody suggest me a solution…Thanks in advance.

That seems more like a function of the client. (The phone itself.)

The phone firmware would have to have an easy method of:

-Entering the extension to register.
-Entering the passcode of the extension.
-Modifying it’s messaging parameters so that the voicemail speed dial and the message waiting lamp are both updated to be correct for the server they register to.
-Adding other SIP network parameters. (Gateways, proxys, music on hold sources, etc…)

Frankly, I don’t know of any phones that have such an interface, nor do I think the SIP protocol has a message set that can tell a registered device things like the voicemail speed dial number.

Sounds like a development opportunity to me. But it’s really on the phone side of things, not on the Asterisk box.

Dear Dufus,

Thanks for your reply…you got the point, that is exactly what I wanted to say. But since the extensions are entered on the phone to authenticate and phones like ip550 are xml driven. This should just be a variable getting from the user and putting it on the extension place in the phone config.

I know this is not a Asterisk thing. But hey, if we can have that along with Asterisk that would be really simple hotdesking. I was just asking Asterisk gurus about any knowledge of such kind of xml script.

You guys can impliment it in future in Auto Provisioning for selected xml driven phones.


This should be simple enough. For aastras I do something similar for hotdesking. Basicly as user sits at a hotdesk dials *361 they are asked for their extension after entering it the phone restarts with all their settings, on leaving they dial *362 and the phone reverts to the default hotdesk extension and settings.


Dear Ianplain,

Sounds interesting…can I have an idea of how to go about it ? which is the model we are speaking about ?, can this be cloned to a polycom…

I know I am asking too many questions…but I would just need a head start.

Thanks a ton…

Hi ianplain

Yes, I have the same question as that of mc5610700. can you provide us how to go about accomplishing such tasks and can it be done on polycom phones, particularly on polycom 330 models.


Snom phones support hotdesking right from the phones. You can do a simple login with the SIP account, or a full re-provision and reboot of the phone:

(I know this thread is really old. Just adding the link for reference.)