Got SIP response 480 "Temporarily not available" back from

Hey gang, I’ve tried searching for this term, but seem to only find problems relating to external analog adapters.
Looks like things start to go wrong around line 111?

Here’s my setup, Asterisk set up with one trunk via SIP registration for both outgoing and incoming. We are waiting on having our numbers ported over so all our numbers are being forwarded to one DID which I have a catch all inbound route set up for. I have 5 YeaLink SIP-T38G phones, one of them is the receptionist that is set up with extensions 100 & 101, the rest have one each with extensions 102,103,104,105, and a Polycom IP5000 conference phone on 106.

I have two ring groups, first is 600, that rings the receptionist phone’s extensions 100 & 101, if she doesn’t answer after 10 seconds, the second ring group 601 rings everyone, 100-106.
Have received dozens of calls so far successfully.
Yesterday I had someone say they called, and didn’t hear any ringing, just silence, and ended up hanging up. I’m worried this could be happening more than just this one time. Have I mucked something up?

Thank you in advance :smile:

An incoming 480 response doesn’t normally indicate that there is anything wrong with Asterisk.

On the other hand, you cannot expect people to trawl through FeePBX log files. You need to address FreePBX problems to

My apologies, still noobing it up. I appreciate the redirection though!