Beginner cannot use web interface login & PWD?


I am pretty new here. I have been looking through Google but keep coming to this site. We have 5 Polycom IP550 SIP phones. Trying to connect via IP address I am having problems as it keeps asking for password and login? I have tried all the basic pwd’s eg: 345 123 etc and resetting the phones via the phone interface.

Any idea’s welcome


Your definitely on the wrong forum; this is a discussion forum, not a support one.

You are almost certainly on the wrong board.

If you trying to connect to the Polycoms, Asterisk is totally irrelevant. The default web user ID and password for Polycoms are Polycom and 456. This is in the user manual, which, I believe, is available online.

Asterisk doesn’t have default passwords. You may be looking for the information for something like FreePBX, which has its own web site.

Thank you for your reply,

Actually you helped me a lot with your answer and sorry for the intrusion.