Extension mobility

1: Can anyone tell me what do u meant by extension mobility

2: Does this feature supports on a asterisk

I’m going to guess what you are referring to is hot-desking. There is a writeup on it in the Asterisk book. If this is not what you are referring to please give us more details.

To be honest even i dont know properly about the functionality of EXTENSION MOBILITY ,but i think its like Hot desking only ,where one person can call from any where . He just have to log on with his/her username & password Please make me clear if i am wrong . If iam right is it applicable in ASTERISK also


There are two version of this realy and they vary in scale of complexity

They are

  1. Call Forward I am Here.
    With this you sit at a desk dial a code and your normal extension and all calls are diverted to you , Voicemail etc go to your own mailbox etc

  2. Hotdesking
    With this you go to a hot phone enter a code and your extention number and the phone is reregisterd as your own with all keys. speeddial. message lights etc.

Personally I have my systems do both.


Ya right Hot desking ,can u tell me how to configure it on a SIP protocol using X lite
I ll be greatful to u


Not using xlite, My customers use hardphones and we have scripts that login and logout the sets and alter the configs for the extension they require. TBH for xlite you may be better using call forward I am here.


i am using hardphones can you please share this scripts to me
i am using cisco spa504 and 7911g
thanks in advance please…