[HELP] TE410P problem

I have encountered the following problem: I’ve installed TE410P card and compiled Asterisk, zaptel 1.2.5 and libpri 1.2.5 (it’s Centos 4.3
on Supermicro 7044H-32R platform, MBD-X6DH3-G2-B motherboard). I’ve tested Asterisk and it works like a breeze. But then I do
modprobe wct4xxp
sound stops working for incoming all calls. I haven’t
even started to configure the card nor I have E1 lines attached.
Running ztcfg and restarting asterisk doesn’t help. But after
unloading module with rmmod wcte4xxp the sound comes back.
Is it a card compatibility problem and could you please suggest how to
solve this problem?

This problem is the same i had, if you don’t have your TE410P configured yet, the timing fails, so audio stops. As soon as you have the card correctly installed and configured it will work again. You need at least configure a span.