TE405P Quality

Dear All,

I am having a quality issue with my TE405P. I am getting a static noise on all calls going into and out from the TE405P card. Currently I am using Asterisk 1.0.7 version and Red Hat 9 with Kernel 2.4. The Span 1 is activate and I am using it to get the clocking from my TDM switch, with all other spans deactivate. It is running a EuroISDN E1 configuration with a CPE setting (User Side), while my TDM Switch is running a Network side setting. Asterisk server is using Celeron/P4 2.4Gz and using 2theMax motherboard. I have research on many forum with tips as using zttool, swapping computers (that is why I said Celeron/P4), and using the dma hdparm tip. But none of them helped solved the problem. I have several wild guesses that I hope someone can help me confirm where it problem is located.

  1. Translation Code: I am using PA168S hardware sipphone to see the call to the Asterisk. So techincally speaking, G729/G723 (SIP Phone) into G711alaw (TDM Switch E1). Would it be here that the Asterisk is having problem?

  2. Hard Driver: I am getting a 52.XX MB per seconds on my hard driver. Would it be too slow?

  3. Power supply: Electrical noise. Would it be my power supply is make the static noise as if I do a SIP to SIP call it is fine. Or maybe even the hard drive in that case?

  4. Motherboard: Would it be that the 2theMax motherboard is incomptaible with the TE405P?

These are all the guesses I am getting as my zttool runs with 100% high and 99.975 as my lowest and playing around with three different computers already.

PS. My TE405P is already using a dedicated IRQ.

Many thanks for your comments.