Beep on transfer

1.4.10 with polycoms 550.
when I get an incoming call (PRI) i pick up… i hit transfer i dial extension (lets say 1022) I announce the caller to 1022, i hit transfer again… the call is transferred to that extension, but the person @122 does not know that the transfer was sompleted. Is there any way to send a beep or something like that, so the person knows that I hung up and he/she is on line with the original caller?
xfersound = beep in features.conf does not work…


help… anyone? :wink:

The way you are doing transfers uses the function built into the phone. If the attended transfer facility of Asterisk is used by setting up a key to use in features.conf then the called extension will hear the default beep on transfer. I had exactly the same problem myself.

I have feature set to use 5 so when speaking to the caller I key 5 then get a dial tone, caller hears MOH as you would expect. When you have anounced call you hang up, called ext gets beep then call.

Hope this helps, I am not an expert by any means.