Help Needed with Fonality

Hey everyone, hope i can get some ideas from the experts here about a problem i have with a client’s system.

For some background, the company i own has done many phone systems, from “basement builds” to multilocation 100+ lines with backups. We work with Asterisk, Fonality, 3CX, and a few smaller distros…But this has me stumped and i HATE Fonality’s “support team”

Basically a client handed me their OLD Fonality system and they wanted it back online. The server they were using was older than dust, talking 256 meg DDR1, Celeron CPU, and IDE drives…eek

I booted the box before i did anything and confirmed that it was running. Launched asterisk no problem, CLI had no errors, HUD server was good, had access via fonality web portal, all good.

The plan was to take the hard drive out, clone it, and restore it to new sata drives in RAID 1, install those into a new computer, and then buy Fonality support agreement to get the updates.

Issue is that when i installed the drive to the new system, kernel panic… Probably from all the hardware changes. So i put the original drive into the original box… now Fedora wont boot. It forces an integrity check, and It needs the root password to continue.

I tried getting into single user mode by adding ‘Single’ in the kernel boot line, no luck.

I launched a LiveCD and tried to reset it from terminal, no luck.

Right now the drive is in my computer, i have full access to all files.

So my question(s) are

  1. How can i find or reset the root PW to get the system online in its old but original form
  2. How can i migrate this setup to the new server cleanly

Any help would be appreciated


Hi Dean,

I would use chroot to change the apparent root directory to the drive that contains the file system for Fonality (assuming a Trixbox system). Then I would do a passwd to change the password. The passwd command should now change the password on the drive that contains the Fonality file system.


Mack Hendricks
dOpenSource - Enterprise Grade Open Source Support