Asterisk Back up HELP!

I’m new to this, I paid to get my system working and the hard drive is going bad, Please I need to know what do I need to back up so I can install the asterisk 1.4 and be running again with alll my old configuration. Thank you for your help…


main config is all in /etc/asterisk so just tar it up.


I did that but If I call the asterisk it won’t pick up and I don’t see any activity, I just to have the version 1.2 and now I have the version 1.4.
Thank you for help.

Ps. I can still get any info fron the old HD, I tried to do an image of that one but the sector 0 is bad. What do you think it can be a solution. Thanks again

There are some changes between the 1.2 and 1.4 dial plans. I would suggest you try sticking with 1.2 to get it running again.

If you have any zaptel hardware the zaptel.conf file is in /etc not /etc/asterisk so make sure you grab that.

Also look in /ect/astreisk/asterisk.conf for the locations of the voicemail files/folders - you can try restoring those as well.

Probably the best thing to do would be to get 1.2 running on the new box (or hard drive) with a simple dial plan to make sure it works and then start migrating things over slowly - backing up config fles at each step and testing.

Also, you have just learned a valuable lesson - hard drives are still the weakest link in any computer - critical systems should at minimum have hardware level mirroring (raid 1), software raid is nearly useless and I never recomend it.

The other questions that I have is do you know where can I go and get a installation kit for dummies, beacuse I installed the asterisk with a help of a person that I gave him access to the box remotly but I got the wrong version. Is there any website that would explain me an easy way to install the asterisk beacuse I try to download the version 1.2, burned on a cd and tried installed on top of fedora core 6 and I could not do it.
Sorry that I put you into this I really appreciate your time. Thank you again

You could try AsteriskNOW: .


Marco Bruni