Phone missing from web interface


I am running a PBXtra Server VOIP system for a small business (~15 employees, Asterisk backend, Fonality front end). Since my workplace’s support contract expired, Fonality would not add a phone to our system for us, so I learned about Asterisk and was able to get a new phone registered with the system, voicemail set up, etc. I basically used grep to search the machine for the MAC address of an existing phone and an existing extension and copied the existing syntax for the new phone. All of that worked quite well, however, I still cannot see the new phone in the web interface, accessed through, despite everything appearing to be working correctly.

Does Fonality control which phones show up through the web interface, i.e. do we have to pay them for the phone to show up, or is this information provided to it by the local server? If provided by the local server, could anyone direct me to the file that the information should be inserted into so that the phone shows up?

Also, just to be clear, I have been assured by our on-call IT guy who set up the system originally that what I am doing is not against the TOS, Fonality just really wants to have you pay them for the setup and makes it hard to do yourself.

I would be happy to provide information regarding what files were already altered, but the post is getting a bit long and I wasn’t sure it would be relevant, if it would be helpful, just ask!

Any pointers would be greatly appreciated.

GUIs tend to have their own list of extensions.

Trixbox is abandonware.

I doubt anyone has any specific knowledge of Fonality’s commercial offerings.