Fonality Issue


I entered a topic on my 2 Polycom IP4000 phones that are now working (booting correctly, without errors) but now have issues with line assignments and intercom (ext to ext calls).

Wrote up the phone issues at:

These phones are hosted on a Fonality PBXtra box, with a failsafe rollover Elastix box.

There is no interface from Fonality to set lines to and extension and checked for Fonality help/forum but found nothing.

Since the phones now boot, get a dial tone etc. assume all my issues are at the Asterisk level, so need to configure lines and behavior for these phones. Never done this raw on the Asterisk side, so could use some help.

I did however notice some config items in some of the phone config files that might also control this so may be bouncing back and forth between PolyCom and Asterisk until these work right.

Thanks all for your help in advance!