Help me guys

Hi… right now im running a PBX in production using asterisk and works fine, but sometimes the network device of that CPU go down and i don’t know why! I think that version of asterisk have a bug or… what you think!?


This is just a carry on from you other posts isnt it ?

Upgrade the memory and by the sounds of it look at teh hardware, its NOT and asterisk problem its a OS / HArdware resource problem,

and DONT keep starting new posts on the same subject of the previous ones

Or a network hardware/resources problem. As I’ve said on your other two fragments of this thread, there is no reason why Asterisk would have code to issue an interface down IOCTL. In fact, Asterisk can be run as an unprivileged user, for which such an IOCTL would be ineffective.

Continually restarting the thread won’t make the bad new go away, it will just annoy people.