[HELP] Installation issues w/ Cisco 7960 SIP phones

Hi all: I’m trying to set up asterisk for the first time. I have two Cisco 7960 phones, both loaded with firmware P0S3-06-3-00 (SIP). For the moment I’m simply trying to get it so that the phones can call each other, but when I try to dial the extension for one phone from the other, I simply get a fast busy signal. I’ll show as much as I can here, sorry for a long post.

If any other files or outputs would be helpful let me know. Thanks in advanced!


Results of “sip show peers” and “sip show users”




SIP{mac}.cnf: Two of these, exactly the same except the other replaces 520 with 510, and yes I did replace {mac} with the correct macs for the phones.



Make sure that NAT is enabled from your CISCO phone and play around by enabling the NAT from your extensions and disabling it.