Cisco 7960


I have a Cisco 7960 connected to Asterisk. It gets dial tone, and it seems to be acceptting its config, however, IT WONT WORK.

If I try to dial out, I get a fast busy. If I try to dial it, I just go to its voice mail.

I know its something dumb, can somebody please help me.

thanks :o)

I am using cisco 7940 (almost the same, but it has only 2 lines).

If you are using SIP firmware :
So, are you sure your phone is registered, from Asterisk point of view ?
You must have a phone without a cross, and if you “tcpdump” your network , you must see some 'REGISTER", then some “200 OK” replies.

if you are using MGCP firmware :
if you tcpdump your network, you must see some:
M: restart
and some
AUEP line/1@cisco.domain.tld MGCP …

if you are using SCCP => take a look (even for the SIP/MGCP :smile: ) at

Courage … and good luck


I am using SIP software.

what do you mean by a crossed phone?

what is tcp dump?

Any reason why the CISCO people have to be SOOOOOOOOOOOO retarded?
I mean really, they charge 600 times more then the equipment is worth, then their stupid crap doesnt work. Whats with that?
I paid $20 for a PAP2, unlocked the PAP2, and got it working (with two seperate phone numbers, one to each jack) all in about an hour. Why can’t the unreasonably priced cisco phone work that well? It not like their not getting paid enough. Is extortion their whole purpose here?

Thanks for any help you can give.


another name for ethereal (well, not exactly, but assume that this is correct).


On your cisco display, on the right, you have 6 phones (2 on Cisco 7640).

If you have a cross below the phone, it is not registered…
Hope this help

I agree with you about Cisco price :smiling_imp:

Phone is NOT crossed.

Now what?

Go on Asterisk CLI with asterisk -rvvvvvvvvvvv (many ‘v’), and:

CLI> sip debug

Now try to make a call … you may see something like:

REGISTER sip:blahblahblah SIP/2.0

and reply 200 OK

INVITE sip:phone@AsteriskIP SIP/2.0
the a response …

Check the response code to know what is happening.

If you see nothing, verify your network configuration in Cisco 7960 and in Asterisk (Default route, IP addresses …)

nothing showed in console.

thanks for helping, but now what do I do?

Sip show peers lists the 7960 as unknown.

any ideas?


On your cisco display, on the right, you have 6 phones (2 on Cisco 7640).

I see that you have weather forecast on your Cisco phone. Could you please send me your services XML files?

Thank you for your time.

nope, this is not mine :frowning:
BUT, you can have more informations at:
(the picture come from that page !)

If nothing is shown this is probably a network configuration problem.
Verify your network configuration:
tftp server - dhcp server
IP Phone IP Address
Asterisk PBX IP Address
routes ?
line names ? SIPDefault.cnf AND SIP00.cnf

if you does not see anything on console, this is not a authentication problem …
Are the names equals ?? => line1_name = popo if SIP<>.cnf
and [popo]
in SIP.conf (ast).

this is a very difficult game to make them work together …
you REALLY should take a look à, there are many SIP and SIP.conf sample files for Cisco 7960 .
There are also docs for firmware upgrade howtos …


Verify also that in SIPDefault.cnf, in
proxy1_address: ""
the proxy address is asterisk IP address.

I forgot to add links

step by step setup

working samples (all, ast+cisco) (mine come from this page):

and more general informations±+7960