Cisco 7960

How do i register Cisco 7960 to asterisk 1.0.9 i just cant get it to work ive got the ip to asterisk server right and everything… :S

you have tu put this line in your SIP config file (SIPDefault.cnf or SIP.cnf) :

proxy_register: 1

do i only have to do that? and it will work?

yes. If you have configured your SIPDefault.cnf and SIP.cnf it’s good.

Of course, you have to configure your sip.conf too.
ex :

type: friend
host: dynamic
username: cisco ; same as in your SIP.cnf
secret: cisco ; idem

Please explain your syntax in the “secret: cisco ; idem” line

I just put the secret:password (i.e. password that I setup in the extension in amp).


whemI run SIP show peers, the 7960 shows up as unknown.

what causes that?


do you use Asterisk@home? i’ve never installed amp.

“cisco” is an exemple of password. I put this line in sip.conf. But if you use A@Home, i think you don’t know the Asterisk configuration files.

Moreover, i think amp work with a SQL Database, then it don’t use these files.

You have a CISCO IP Phone then you must have a TFTP Server and you have to configure it.

I DO know the configuration files.
A@H works EXACTALLY like the regular version with the only difference being that is has the amp interface which CAN generate entries in the configs for you. The sqls are a part of the amp program, asterisk still runs based ONLY on its normal configs.

It was the ; idem that threw me off, sorry.

I can edit the files either through amp, or directly, whichever seems to be more convieniant at the time.

My question still remains, why wont my 7960 talk to my asterisk box? I am running SIP firmware, and my conf file entrys match what you reccomended above.


sorry for the misunderstanding… difficult to be french :smiley:

So, for your problem, do you see any request on the asterisk server, in the CLI (asterisk -r) ?
Your cisco ip phone have to send some request.

If you see nothing, try to capture packets with ethereal and copy the entries there.

good luck

No problem,

no entries in either program. Also, from what I am reading, these things are supposed to have a web page that shows the config. No go. I try to web to its IP, and get nothing.

However, I CAN ping it, so I KNOW its connected.

thanks :o)

I think the problem has to do with the apparent expectation of a domain. I left the domain field blank (although I have tried my web domain, the IP address of the asterisk, and the windows workgroup name, no joy either way)


the apparent requirenment for VLAN.

What is VLAN? Do I need to put something there?


VLAN is used when your phone is connected to a CISCO Switch. I got some problems with VLAN.

When you connect your phone on the network, the first thing it does is to find a VLAN, after it sends DHCP request to have an IP, and to finish it tries to connect on a TFTP Server.

VLANs are used to separate devices which are connected on a same switch.

Ex :
2 PC on VLAN 1 and 1 PC on VLAN 2.

in this case, PCs on VLAN1 can’t communicate with PC on VLAN2.

So in order to use this phone with asterisk on a windows workgroup network (i.e. an ethernet network that DOES NOT have a domain controller) I would leave the domain and vlan lines blank, right?