[Help] digium tdm04b problem

hi all! good day! anyone who’ve encountered already same problem as mine? here it goes:

i have two servers, a Dell SC1425 and a SunFire V20z. i used CentOS 4.3 x64 on both and the recent release of asterisk zaptel and libpri. my dell server works fine the 4 fxo modules on the tdm card light up and i can make calls. my problem is my Sun server with the same configs when it reaches the part where it loads zaptel, my 4 fxo modules light up then the server reboots. i tried moving the tdm card to the 2nd pci slot and still it reboots when it tries to load zaptel. am i having hardware conflicts here? can anyone pls help me, still new in configuring digium hardware devices and still really new to sun servers. thanks in advance!!! :smile: