Installing zaptel TDM2400P

Hi all,

I need some help regarding Installing TDM2400P. I tried installing this card of Digium but those steps have configured only 4 FXS ports for me.

Actually i want to configure more ports for both inbound and outbound calling

what to do for this. please help me out.

I have asterisk configured on Suse Linux 10.2 and i have also installed CEPSTRAL TTS on it the problem is as follows,
I installed X-Lite on windows and when i dial inti dial plan the call flow gets executed successfully but after that when i press any digit from my X-Lite softphone then asterisk does not interpret it and my dial plan doesnot take actions accordingly any help in this also will be a great help for me

Rahul Borkar

I suggest contacting Digium support. They will get your card configured for you.

Toll free:

Hey thanks Angle. :smile:

 I will call that Digium people for configuration help.