[HELP Configuration] Trying to setup Astribank 8 FXO

Hi. First, I’m a relative newbie to Asterisk, and a big newbie to Linux in general.

We’re trying to setup an Asterisk system at my work, to see if it can potentially replace our existing, older, phone system. I’m the lucky person tasked with trying to get the evaluation running. One of the things we’re trying to do, is have our Asterisk system be able to answer and route calls coming in over PSTN lines, to SIP phones within the office, and to be able to make outgoing calls over those same lines, from the SIP phones.

My boss purchased a used (but appears to work) Astribank 8 device (FXO ports only,) which based on searching here, as well as the Astribank manuals, is what we need for this. I did a clean install of Asterisk (Trixbox CE, Asterisk v1.6.0.9) with the Astribank connected to the PC in question. The Astribank is listed in lsusb, and if I run dahdi_hardware it’s also listed.

Now, the problem. How the heck do I create the channels it seems I need to be able to use this to make outgoing calls, and to receive incoming calls? I’ve tried following the steps here for setting up the Trunk, but still I am unable to call out. If I try, I’m getting an “All circuits are busy” message. I know I’m plugged into a working phone line, I can dial out with a regular phone with no problems (and no additional digits to get an outside line.)

I will be honest, I am more comfortable in the web GUI for the Asterisk, than down in the console of the Linux system, but if someone can point me in the right direction, even if it involves (and I suspect it will) banging around in the conf files with vi, I’d appreciate it.


Thank you,
Jason A.