Ok.. need a bit of help to get started

I got a working Asterisk Server here…

Its got a TDM 400p card with 4 FXO modules on it. Confirmed working and everything.

I did a test by calling it and it echoed everything back .

Now we got a simple cheap IP phone on the local network (same subnet) and wish to test out the Phone to see if the server can do the same as it would from incoming phone calls.

The Server has a configuration of FXSKS for all the channels.

The address of the server is and the phone parked itself at

They are both plugged into a switch.

The “Main” Server for the office network is using DHCP for the DSL line we got in the office… can set to static IP’s if needed.

All I wan’t is to pick up the phone and call the phone line plugged into the server.

I think I need to have the SIP configured and the extensions.conf file needs to have a SIP context.

Need a bit of a helping hand.


PS: using latest askerisk/zaptel stuff from the net.
PS2: Would a GUI help me out considerably? Doing all of this by hand…

Bump Still could use a bit of help guys.

I did try out a sample cofig file for the dial plan…worked like a charm.

Just need a way to test the rest of the stuff i mentiond.