Help! Change Cisco 7911g phone language from tftp server with Asterisk

Hello good morning / Evenings / Nights!

We are implementing Asterisk in our company, with Cisco 9711g telephones. So far everything is fine with the configuration and the phones without problems are linked and configured.

We have the situation that the phones, in their interface and configuration are in English EU, and we want to change them to Spanish Spain or Latinoamérica or México.

What do we have to do or install in the Asterisk kernel (from the terminal)?

Do we have to download some file and execute it? Where do we download it from? and in what part is it installed or executed?

After the previous step, do we have to configure something in the configuration file (xml) of the phone in the TFTP server?

Thanks for the retro and support !!

I think you will need to contact Cisco for support with their phones.

Unless you are using res_phoneprov to provision your phones via http any configuration for the phones will be completely outside of Asterisk.