Cisco 7941g

I can not get a brand new 7941g to work, this is the first phone I have ever tried to set up.

what I have done so far:

got TFTP working.

reset the phone with the 123456789… code

phone seems to d/l all the files its looking for that I got in a .zip file from cisco.

I made a SEP(mac).cnf.xml from what I found online.
the phone d/ls it.

the phone shows unprovisioned.

I can get softphones to work fine. so my config on the asterisk server is good.

can someone please help me? I paid 300$ for 2 of these phones, I’d hate for them to go to waste.

Did you create a [b]SIP/b.cnf or a [b]SEP/b.cnf? Does your TFTP server log show what happens when the phone tries to download the configuration file? Do you have a sipdefault.cnf file on your TFTP server?

I created a SEP(mac).cnf.xml as this is what the phone is looking for.

the TFTP server shows that the phone is looking for-

authorized_keys - I dont have this file. I dont know where to get it, it is not available from cisco support site where i got all the other files.

CTLSEP(mac).tlv - same as above.

SEP(mac).cnf.xml - I created this file from others I have seen online, the phone d/ls it.

It then loops this process.