[HELP] chan_capi support in Asterisk 10

Hello forum members,

i have running a debian squeeze Asterisk 1.6.2 server running, with a Dialogic Diva BRI - ISDN Card.
Now I want to switch to Asterisk 10, but what is with the chan_capi ISDN support in that version? I can not find anything on that topic. Is chan_capi supported?

The commercial Diva ISDN driver source for linux, compile a CAPI driver specially for the Asterisk chan_capi channel. This worked very well with Asterisk 1.6. Can I get this driver to work with asterisk 10?

Even in Asterisk 1.8, there is no asterisk-chan-capi Binary package in the Asterisk.org debian squeeze repository.

What is with chan_capi and DIVA Cards in Asterisk 10 and/or 1.8?

Thanks for help


i got it. The recent chan_capi svn version compiles with asterisk 10.

I have another problem, but that is a new Thread.