Problem with Asterisk and chan_capi


i have setup my asterisk on debian sarge. At the moment there are 3 SIP-Clients which can speak to each other and can dial out through chan_capi. The Capi device is a AVM Fritzcard Classic (isa). I have downloaded and build the fcclassic.o Module and it works.
But the problem is, after some time, no one can call the Server through ISDN. Sometimes, the sip-phones can call out, and sometimes not. Then, the server tells:
Capi device for ISDN1 not found.
unable to create channel.

when i restart asterisk, it works again.
Could it be, that Linux puts the card into standby or so after some time of inactivity?


I have the same problem, is there any solution yet?

Hi there,

I have the same problem, and yes only a restart of asterisk is currently the solution for me. I turned on debug for capi, but no additional information is given. It seems that the ISDN device is not turned back into a proper state.
Any help will be appreciated.