[SOLVED] Eicon DIVA and CAPI very noisy

I managed to get Asterisk up an running on a server with a TDM400P card and an Eicon DIVA Server BRI adapter installed. Everything seems to work quite well and asterisk is doing it’s think. However, whenever I route anything through the ISDN line, it gets really bad noise - like a very poor cellular conection or static on the line. This happens both incoming and outgoing.

Is there a trick to making ISDN clear with Eicon adapters and chan_capi?

I’m using Asterisk 1.0.7 and chan_capi 0.3.5 (0.4_pre1 bombs Asterisk on dial-out) running on Gentoo Linux kernel 2.6.11-r11. The computer is a IBM 1U server, dual 1GHz PIII, Serverworks chipet.



We have similar issue with noise! Is there a resolution?

Our configuration is as follows:

CentOS 4.1
Asterisk 1.0.9
Eicon DIVAS T1 PRI with latest drivers installed

Other calls such as SIP calls are perfectly fine.

Thanks for your help.


Has anybody managed to get Asterisk working with Eicon DIVA Server sucessfully and without issues? I’ve been trying to troubleshoot my noise issues without any luck. I’ve tried various drivers from ISDN4Linux and from Eicon directly. I’ve used chan_capi versions 0.3 up to 0.5.4 without any success. I have the same error on two computers - one dual PIII, one quad PIII. Asterisk runs fine with the TDM cards and all the functions seem to work fine, but any ISDN connections have a noise and crackle to them making it unuseable.


I finally fixed my noise problems. I got the CVS version of chan_capi from sourceforge and noticed they changed the capi.conf file to have a switch if you live in u-law world and that fixed it all. North America uses u-law and Europe uses a-law and chan_capi defaults to a-law. The CVS has a switch and now everything rules.