Eicon Diva 2.01


Im trying to install an asterisk service using some older ISDN cards, namely the eicon diva isdn pci card (Not the server one!). However, this has proven very difficult to accomplish…Asterisk itself is compiled from source and seems to work fine using sip. Not much fun unless you can connect to the phone network though :wink:

Ive focused on the capi_chan package, wich also installed fine, but asterisk complains that capi isnt loaded, and true enough, capiinit yields the following error message:

ERROR: cannot open /dev/capi20 nor /dev/isdn/capi20 - No such file or directory (2)

I cant seem to find any better drivers for this card, eicons site just states that the card is supported by linux itself. It also confirms that the card supports capi 2.0

Down on my luck, Ive also explored some other possibilities, such as isdn4linux modem emulation, but it seems like this is gone in the latest version of asterisk…

Can anyone please point me in the right direction?

Btw! Im using Slackware 10.2, if that helps :smile:

Did you ever get an answer to this?

I’m in the same situation, with an old

This works with isdn4linux and the HiSax driver.

It used to work very well with with Asterisk too, until I upgraded to version 1.2 when isdn4linux is not supported any more :frowning:

According to the wiki

However none of capi, zaphfc or mISDN support this chipset. Its a bit disappointing that isdn4linux support has been dropped from Asterisk since mISDN support isn’t even in the mainline 2.6 kernel yet!

very good point!