Transfer to an existing PBX/ACD

Hello, I have a question I was wondering if someone might be able to answer. I have asterisk hooked up to our existing PBX/ACD via a T-1 tie line. I am using e&m wink and can sucessfully place calls on our ACD and route them to the asterisk box. Now I am looking for the ability to have the asterisk box to hookflash the line the call came in on, get dialtone on our ACD, and dial digits so I can perform a blind transfer. Is there some way to do this on my current setup or do I need to try something like fxo_ls? Thanks.

This is going to take a little trial and error, depending on your current PBX. You need to use the Flash and SendDTMF commands in your extension. You will need to tune your dialplan around any delays between the system. … +cmd+Flash