NEC PBX and Asterisk used only for voicemail and ACD

Interested in using Asterisk for voicemail and ACD funcationality (VOIP softphones for ACD queues). The trick is we want to connect this to our existing NEC 2000ivs PBX. The PBX currently has a CP-26A card (ethernet) and 6 lines via a Dialogic D/120JCT-LS card (in the ACD box) connected to an existing ACD system.

We have heard prior versions of Asterisk were not stable using PCI cards so is this a viable connection method for Asterisk or should we look elsewhere.

Has anyone else attempted to setup Asterisk with an NEC 2000ivs PBX with similar goals and hardware?


We had a NEC 2000 but I basically stripped it and use its electronic parts elsewhere :smile:

We just let Asterisk do the whole deal for us. We have a T1 (24 lines) and about 15 users and it has been working just fine the last few months. I jumped into the deepend and just replaced the whole thing at once and so far it have been good. Few quircks here and there. For example I had to put in a TSU between Asterisk and the T1 card as for some reason it creates frame slipping - still havent figured out why.

The big advantage of Asterisk is you can configure things much quiker than with the old traditional PBX’s. To get the interface to work with your NEC is probably going take you longer than setting up Asterisk and your dialplan.

My 2 cents.


Thank you for your input. We have considered that but that would require a substantial investment to replace around 70 phones and a recent PBX upgrade.